Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sylvester or The Wicked Uncle

Sylvester or The Wicked Uncle I found vastly entertaining. I love how Heyer writes children, they're so real and screamingly funny. I mean, the Button incident had me gasping at the page, it was so perfectly set up and executed. And oh christ, the fire between those two was just exhilarating and damned near overwhelming. And they were both utterly wonderful in their own rights, especially the fact that she was determinedly unattractive for a good long while.

That was the library copy I read but the one I bought was this cover. Which I have to say is the only one so far that doesn't match the novel at all. How peculiar.


Melissa said...

Oh, that's another one I loved. It's actually been awhile since I read it so I should pick it up again sometime :-)

dri said...

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it stood up to a re-read. I'm finding that's not the case with Heyer as a rule.

Melissa said...

Really? I love re-reading most Heyers... I've read all of her Regencies probably an average of 3-5 times each. But I can see where they wouldn't be for everyone :-) But I think it's great that you've worked your way through so many!

dri said...

Yeah, I found it quite a shock too because usually I love re-reads. I have a whole list of books I read every year without fail --- Earthsea, Jane Eyre, American Psycho, etc.

But you know what I think it was? I came back too fast. I should have left it longer to do a re-read. *nods*