Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Quiet Gentleman

But urgh, The Quiet Gentleman was just the pits. I couldn't believe how incredibly colourless the heroine was. Perhaps she was Heyer's Emma, her attempt to write a heroine nobody would like? I mean, the one flash of feeling came so late in the game that I pretty much reacted exactly like our hero, wanting to smother her in kisses right then and there. But it made for a bloody dreary read, everything she said was so eminently sensible and yes, "prosaic" that I began to cringe every time she opened her mouth. For f**k's sake, woman, exhibit some personality!

What I did mildly appreciate was the whole Gothic(k) parody/homage and how our two leads were the exact antidote for such melodramatic goings-on. And kinda suspected the baddie from about a third into the novel which was validated quite nicely. But oy, it was such a boring read that I was almost tempted to go back to Friday's Child just to remind myself of how awesome Heyer is. Pity I had to return Frederica but that will be purchased at some point during the year.

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