Saturday, June 6, 2009

Faro's Daughter

Frankly I wasn't looking forward to Faro's Daughter because nothing bores me more in a story than extended fretting about money and I figured any narrative featuring gambling would bring the inevitable. But man, the violence of our two leads totally took me aback, the way they reacted with such fiery antagonism to each other and flew off the handle at the least opportunity.

Luckily, Heyer reined them in just at the right moment and maybe the novelty of such characterisation kept me reading when I might have cried off in disgust. As it was, their violence made me keenly anticipate the moment when each was brought down, Slain By Their Loff That They Could Not Foight. And ooh, his was marvellous. A great "Ha!" moment. I don't recall hers so clear. Hmm. Ah well. *shrug*

Plus they were surrounded by enough amiable characters to make for lovely subplots, appreciable both in terms of reader emotion and writer skill. I did want to see a novel devoted to Lucius, just to get to know him better and see what sort of woman would match him wit for devious wit. But I suspect maybe I liked him better than Heyer eventually did. Mmm.


Marie Burton said...

Interesting!! Thanks for the review!!
I am currently reading My Lord John... and well... it's just... well..

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

In spite of all the Regency books I enjoy, I still haven't gotten around to reading Georgette Heyer. She's on my TBR pile.

dri said...

Marie --- Mmm yes, I'd heard that Heyer's historicals aren't that great a read ... pity since they were clearly her passion.

Jennifer --- ahhhh, you are so going to love Heyer when you finally get around to her. And if you're like me, you're prolly going to kick yourself a little for not reading her sooner! *lol*

Anonymous said...

I just have to say I loved Faro's Daughter. I hadn't read Heyer in a few years and had forgotten how good she is! I delighted in the bit when Deborah locks Max in the basement and when he is freed by default he won't leave!! I personally think these two characters were perfectly suited to each other. I just love a good fight!