Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Civil Contract

Can't say much for it except that it seemed a far more serious book, what with the money problems and the war, the latter of which I pretty much took to skimming and felt only slightly guilty. So no moments of laughing out loud. But oh marvellous characterisation with the heroine's father. He practically jumped off the page, so real and recognisable and fully three-dimensional. Struck dumb with awe again, yes.

It was a very strange love story, so subtle as to be almost non-existent, especially with the deliberate unprettiness of the heroine, very much about the mature love that comes from friendship rather than the burning passion of young love. As far as I was concerned, the story totally needed explicit sex so I was particularly intrigued and frustrated by Heyer covering that only in one phrase about 'awkward moments'. Had me squinting and glowering at the page, trying to read the invisible text, damnit. Mind you, I spent enough time speculating about whether our hero was Aquarian or Capricorn. *lol*

Written in 1961 which makes me wonder if Heyer felt the need to get 'serious' after forty years of writing fluffy romance. Except she didn't write only fluffy romance, did she? Nope. Me, I feel a little sad knowing I only have a few left to read. Inevitable but waaaahhhh ...


Melissa said...

Nice review! This was certainly not one of my favorite Heyer books, I guess I prefer the comical Regencies more! However, I do know that this was her most critically acclaimed romance, and somehow that doesn't surprise me. Sorry you don't have many left to read, but what I've found with Heyers books is that they are totally re-readable :-D

dri said...

Aye, I totally agree about preferring the comical Regencies! Which is a bit of a shame cos I want to like her more serious stuff, you know?

But oh well, for every one of you and me who prefer her comical ones, I'm sure there's one who prefers her more serious novels. *nods*