Saturday, August 8, 2009

Regency Buck

This was exactly what I wanted in terms of hero and heroine battling in magnificently fiery misunderstandings. Until towards the end when she suddenly lost all her energy and became rather stupid. I didn't like that one bit, didn't like the way Heyer allowed him to take over the narrative and drive the action. Damnit, our heroine could have just easily figured out the mystery and taken matters into her own hands. So I was quite miffed with that and found the recapping at the end quite unnecessary which even ruined the big declaration scene. *pout*

I did love finally seeing Beau Brummell --- god, Heyer makes him out to be utterly fascinating, I had such a different idea of him over the years, just like our heroine --- and all the royalty and the Pavilion at Brighton. Some excellent characterisation with the supporting players and I particularly loved the way she drew Mr Taverner. I was in two minds about him almost all the way and only the fact that it was a Regency romance gave me any certainty about who our heroine would end up with.

Faaaasscinating writing, Heyer. Flawed but fascinating. And seeing as this was published in 1935, yep, on with the evolution.


Felicia J. said...

Hello, I just stumbled on this blog and would love to join the challenge. Since late last year, I've read two of Heyer's romances and reviewed them on my blog (The Grand Sophy and Charity Girl) and I'm halfway through reading Arabella right now.

I'd also like to contribute reviews to the blog. I could start by posting the two I've already written.

My e-mail:

dri said...

Oh awesome! Looking forward to seeing your reviews, Felicia!

Becky said...

Felicia, Hi! I just saw your comment asking to be made a contributor! I'm happy to add you to the blog! I've sent an email invite.