Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Reluctant Widow

The Reluctant Widow was pretty awesome. I had a total shout of mental laughter when I recognised the Jane Eyre governess premise. But oh how Heyer took it to such beautifully ridiculous heights. Bwee hee hee. She's so clever. *fangirls madly*

Loved our heroine, the strength and slight vulnerability of her. Particularly intrigued by the lack of physical detail given to our hero but omigod he was too too marvellous. He was so maddeningly reasonable that both our heroine and I reacted with the same choking indignation. Oh that was brilliant. Darling Heyer.

The Napoleonic spy intrigue was enough of a subplot for me to tolerate without getting bored. And the other characters made for a lovely mix of contrasts and humanity. Not to mention the dog! *squee* I finally realised what it is about Heyer writing animals that I love so much, that works so well. She writes them like she writes humans. There's no difference.

And I loved how bookish our heroine was! Actually, I'm fairly certain by now that Heyer's favourite Austen is Sense And Sensibility. Cos this is at least the third that references it. The other two named the novel. This one caused me no end of giggling with our heroine constantly accusing our hero of lacking all sensibility, to the point where he repeated it back to her. Too funny!

But omigod that final scene was so effective. I mean, written with such skill that I yelled about five times in my head "Kiss her! If you kiss her, she'll believe you! JUST KISS HER!" And then he did and it was perfect, resolved the scene to perfection.

Also, quite possibly one of the best last lines in a novel ever. *nods*

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