Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Unknown Ajax

Whoops, I forgot for a few weeks there about Our Heyer. No matter, back on track now.

I had the damnedest time trying to read The Unknown Ajax. It just wouldn't hold my interest. I think I may have overdosed on Heyer's style to the point of taking it for granted. I glossed and skimmed rather than lost myself in every single sentence.

But oh man, totally awesome hero and fabulously smart heroine. And their conversations were the most delightful absurdities. Loved that, loved that, loved that. The rest of the characters and smuggling history and claustrophobic setting I could have done without.

And this wasn't helped one bit by the Spelling Mistakes (!!!) I found. At one point there was even the wrong name given to the hero! *boggles* Damnit, I'm going to have to actually go through the re-read with a black pen, aren't I? Bah.


Liz said...

There do tend to be quite a few printing mistakes in these editions of Heyer. I particularly cherish one copy I've got (I can't remember which novel) where at the climax of the book the hero, despite all that had been thrown at him, manfully managed to 'maintain his clam'. Quite the mental picture.

dri said...

*splutters* Oh god, that's just so wrong on so many disturbing levels! And yes, rather cherishable! *lol*

Anonymous said...

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