Friday, September 11, 2009

Sprig Muslin

I liked Sprig Muslin far better than Charity Girl and Lady Of Quality even though it featured the same trope of hero rescuing young pretty thing and then foisting her upon the goodwill of his heroine.

This one featured a young pretty thing I rather liked cos she had all the will and character and way more intelligence the others lacked. She was quite hilariously determined and even more so when we finally meet the guy she's so determined to reach. Bloody awesome twist of characterisation. Not to mention the instantly obvious fact that our heroine could learn some of that defiance while the pretty young thing could learn some meekness in return.

And just when it looked like our heroine had been taken out of the narrative, Heyer deftly brought her back in a hurt/comfort context and I cheered. Damned satisfying resolution both in terms of romance as well as hysterical awesomeness.


Felicia J. said...

I was thinking of reading this one soon. I enjoyed Charity Girl but could definitely see the flaws.

dri said...

Yeah, it would be really interesting to see what you think of both. *nod*