Monday, February 22, 2010

False Colours

Due to the extravagancies of the mother, one of the rakish twins disappears with an engagement ahead and the other twin has to masquerade for the sake of avoiding any scandal. Their uncle has set a condition that if Evelyn gets married, he can come by his inheritance and manage business. This leaves Christopher fancot, the smart diplomat to impersonate his brother at the party given by Cressida stavely. However relieved kit felt, the arrival of Cressida’s grandmother flusters him. Without any idea,Kit falls deeply in love with Cressida and makes known his intentions. the smooth sail faces distortion when Evelyn reappears with a sling and an infatuation. In the meantime, their mother submerged to the neck in debts consents to marry her longtime lover, the rich baron Bonamy. Cressida’s grandmother mortified by the deceit negates the alliance to kit. The insidious kit is left with the duty to contrive a plan to avoid any scandal.
I loved Cressida so much. She is very like jenny chawleigh in the Contract. Cressy is a dependable and a responsible preference for kit. The impersonation was the finest. The only defect in the writing was that of the puzzling climax. I was at loss to understand the climax.

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