Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Question #2

Which Georgette Heyer novel would you recommend to a newbie? Why? Are there any novels you wouldn't recommend?

My answer: Is it strange that I'd want to recommend a 'good' one instead of a 'great' one? Of course, that would all be subjective, wouldn't it?! I think some of her novels are more accessible than others. (For example, some take three or four chapters to introduce--really introduce--the main characters.) I think I would recommend The Black Moth or These Old Shades or The Convenient Marriage.

I wouldn't recommend The Toll Gate.


Marianne said...

Frederica or The Grand Sophy are good ones to start with.

Veronica said...

The grand Sophie
Alastair trilogy in proper order
black moth
Unknown Ajax
I have a long list:)

Terri said...

I'm another one with a list, but sometimes the order will change.
Frederica, Cotillion, The Grand Sophy, These Old Shades, Arabella, The Convenient Marriage...
take your pick!

Joanne said...

I think Arabella is a good intro to Heyer.

Catherine - Birdsong Books said...

Definitely Cotillion, Frederica, Venetia, and The Grand Sophy. The Masqueraders was my first Heyer and, after I read it, I wanted to read everything she'd written, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it as well.

Sarah said...

I was looking through your challenges and I saw the Georgette Heyer challenge!! I just couldn't resist leaving a comment. I would recommend Cotillion and I agree with you in not recommending The Toll-Gate