Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Grand Sophy

The Grand SophyThe Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer

On the library stacks: Adult fiction
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sophy is a 20-year old girl who has had an eccentric upbringing, being raised by her father on the Continent. When he heads to Brazil for a few months, she is left in the care of her aunt in England, whom she barely knows. She immediately makes waves with her arrival, bringing a dog, a monkey and a parrot with her to entertain her many cousins.

Sophy realizes that the quiet household she has come to needs to be shaken up. Her cousin Cece is in love with a dreamy poet who is NOT the right man for her. She sees her serious cousin Charles headed into a loveless, but respectable and practical marriage. And she senses that Hubert is hiding something from everyone. Using a keen wit and charm, unforgettable Sophy uses her unorthodox methods to set it all to rights.

I would love to see what would happen if Sophy moved in with me! This book was hilarious and contains some of the funniest arguments I have ever read. This was a book I couldn't wait to get back to reading each time I had to put it down. My only complaint is that things ended a little too tidily for someone as unpredictable as Sophy. But I did think the ending would play out much better as a movie than it did in written form. I know I just said Venetia was my favorite, but this has quickly supplanted that one as my new favorite Heyer novel.

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Dawn Crandall said...

I love your blog-- and I think I think I've found the ONE person on earth who can answer a question I have!! There is an ending to one of Georgette Heyer's books that I cannot get out of my mind, but I also cannot figure out which book it was from! I have read almost all of the regency romances and have a bunch of them-- well, anyway-- the book I am referring to ends with a villain trying to kill the girl, but of course the hero saves her. I think it involved the villain trying to shoot them and them falling on the ground or something. It's seriously been driving me nuts for awhile now. :D